1. Why do I need this app?

    The MySurgeon application will help you be better at your job, save your facility money, reduce OR time and improve patient safety.

  2. Why can't I share all the MySurgeon content at once?

    The original concept of MySurgeon was for small team members to share specific surgeon information instead of large amounts of data for speed and accuracy of information. If you are sending all your data each time it will duplicate data on the receivers end that may not have to be changed.

  3. How will MySurgeon help me save money?

    It will help you identify your surgeon’s specific preferences and help prevent you or your team from openings supplies that aren't needed. It will cut down on the learning curve for training of staff in the operating room.

  4. How will MySurgeon help me save time?

    MySurgeon would prevent delays because of outdated hospital surgical preference cards. How often are the hospital surgical preference cards out of date which causes unnecessary delays before and during the procedure to get the needed supplies?

  5. How will MySurgeon help improve patient safety?

    MySurgeon will help the procedure be completed with less delays, less anesthesia time, and reduce OR traffic leaving to get things that should have already been available. It is well-known and documented that longer anesthesia times, staff delays and room traffic all have a direct effect on patient outcomes.

  6. What if I don't want to type everything into the app on the phone?

    MySurgeon has included a web portal that will live sync with your app so you can type everything on a normal computer and it will sync with the app the next time you have Internet connection on your phone.

  7. I have a surgical preference card, why do I need MySurgeon?

    A surgical preference card is everything that is needed in the room for a procedure but MySurgeon is the surgeon preference of things they really want and use.

  8. Why can't I had pictures of the positioning, dressings or instruments?

    MySurgeon is not a teaching application. It is designed to be an accurate reference for your surgeons’ preferences.

  9. What if I do not have an iPhone, can I still use MySurgeon?

    If you do not have an iPhone you can use the MySurgeon web portal exclusively through Internet connection on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

  10. How do I quickly navigate to other tabs in the MySurgeon app?

    If you double-click any of the icons at the bottom it will bring you to the main screen for each of those tabs.

  11. Why doesn't my content save on a central database where you could save the surgeon’s contact information and have a way you could find surgeons without asking for the contact?

    Since this is user input data, and we have users all over the world, the varying format and content would not be globally useful and probably more distracting than helpful. We must also remember that each user may only need to have certain details about each surgeon so the information one user needed might not be relevant for another. Users can save surgeons without entering the complete contact information, so positive identification could not be guaranteed. All surgeons and procedures that are saved can also be found using the search feature. We also feel that using and posting “personal” contact information would be a great privacy concern for surgeons.

  12. Why not assign MDs to specific hospitals, then you could share an entire group by hospital or your entire address book at once? Why is there no way to share an entire batch of contacts, for example to a new employee because it may be difficult to share them one by one?

    There is no group sharing option in the current version and that is a great feature to add possibly in the future version. When we were designing version 1.0, we were mainly focused on users who had only a few surgeons (under 15) and are not part of a specific practice, group, clinic or hospital, so sharing one surgeon at a time wouldn't be too inconvenient. You can share a single MySurgeon contact to multiple users through the email share function.

  13. Why does MySurgeon need to be a subscription service?

    This was a decision based on economic tolerance and to scale the business. To get access to the application and/or the online website, you’ll pay as low as $2.49 every month or $24.99 per year. We didn't want to create an app that will rely on advertising or reselling user information to third-parties. We decided on the subscription model versus a one-time fee because many apps with a corresponding web portal that syncs in real-time are on a subscription-based model. If you look at Spotify, Dropbox, etc., which have ad-supported free versions or limitations on hard drive space, are charging upwards of $9.99/month.

    Everyone, including Non-iPhone users have access to MySurgeon just by going to and registering for an account. If you have the iPhone app, you automatically have access to the web portal. We know many MySurgeon app users love the ability to access their accounts on their laptops/desktop at work/home because they can enter as many details as they want about their surgeons using a standard-size keyboard.

    Furthermore, we truly believe that if there is an affordable tool available that will make people better at their jobs, it will be used. A MySurgeon subscription costs less than a premium cup of coffee at Starbucks or a value meal at McDonald’s. Besides, surgical team members using MySurgeon can perhaps request their surgeons or hospital administrators to reimburse them for the cost or possibly get a tax break for a non-reimbursed work expense.

  14. Can you have access to the online web portal as well as the MySurgeon App for the same low cost?

    iPhone users can use either or both to have access to their MySurgeon content. It will live sync any changes if you have internet access. Non-iPhone or smart device users may use the secure web portal at

  15. Will my data be lost if I lose my phone?

    No, all data is stored on the MySurgeon servers and syncs to your user name and password. Just download the app on your new device and your updated data will sync.

  16. Do I have access to my MySurgeon content offline?

    Yes, you can view your content through your iPhone app version but you cannot make any changes to your content until you have internet/Wi-Fi access again.

  17. Can I change the category names or add more fields for content?

    Changing the field names would disrupt the referential integrity and limit your search, share and sync functions. Adding additional fields would have the same issue since those fields could not be synced and saved to the MySurgeon database. You would also not be able to share your content with others since they would not have the same fields, which is required to share content. If you want to add additional content in the "Notes" section, you have 1000 a character limit.

  18. We are not allowed to use the internet or our phones in the Operating Room, I can't use MySurgeon.

    We understand that not everyone is allowed to use their phones in the OR, so MySurgeon has been designed with an organized user-friendly interface and a search function so you can review the content prior to entering the OR suite. If you don't have access to your phone, you can also use any internet connection to view the MySurgeon portal at